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Possible update for Plasma package.#64


1) Files:
Transition, starting stream, ending stream and intermissions, those all are perfect ! I really like your high quality stuff. And when I mean I like it, I like .. seriously like it <3

I would like to have some more subtle bars for
: latest follower/sub/donation.

There is a video file, that could be used as recenet follower/sub/donation,however, this can be slightly annoying, if its used multiple times.

I am going to include a screenshot of what I mean.

2) Chat Box
is there a possibility to create a chat box with plasma theme ?
small, subtle , fast chat box? Please dont make it supervisible, in case if the streamer has a lot of chatting people, it could be distracting/flashing too much.

3) Possible timer / countdown video file ?
I would like to thank you , for all your great work, and I totally appreciate every second you spend creating these

a month ago